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An Announcement

Because I am the kind and benevolent mod that I am... I'm going to change something with the FQF. Bear with me, I think you'll like it.

This afternoon, an updated claims list will be going up. After that point, claims are reopened but with a twist. (and here's the fun part!)

Claiming and writing and posting will be open until September 15th. In other words, you can claim something up until the 15th of September. The final and hard deadline for all fics and art is September 15th. With summer being the insanely crazy time that it can be for all of us, I think this will work better and help us to get a nice array of works in.

So those of you that have already signed up -- you're still a go. I also found a few claims that never reached my inbox as apparently gmail hates me and didn't forward on a few claims. So if you get an email from me shortly -- that's why. I wasn't ignoring you, I swear. Technology really, really hates me at times.

Any questions or comments, direct them here. Otherwise -- pimp it far and wide! ♥
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.:. Announcing :: Wave 5 .:.

Claims Begins 17 March 2008 :: Posting Begins 1 July 2008
Official Site:
celticmoonstar on LJ for more info!

Want to link back to here? (of course you do!) Put the banner on your own site!

FYI: I should have the master-list of all four waves up later today, depending on if I get distracted by the folks. So if you get any errors in the actual site, it's because I'm in the process of moving pages around to their proper homes and so forth. Just hang tight and all will be straightened out!

ETA: The Wave 5 site is now live and so is the master-list!
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MoonStar Update and a Poll for the Watchers!

The long-awaited update! Three computers and an external harddrive later and I cannot find the files for the third wave. And I've looked every possible place. Fear not -- I need an afternoon to actually sit down and put everything together (and as I just quit one of the three jobs I was working I now have several afternoons to myself thank god. but I digress).

I have all the fic files. that's not the issue and I'm in the middle of putting together a master list of all the fics from the past four waves.

Now -- here comes the question I have for you guys as well as asking about the next wave. I want you guys to have input as it's as much your fest as it is mine -- I'm just the facilitator. :D

Poll #1145062 Ideas for Wave Five of the FQF

Would you be willing to participate if the fifth wave were a remix challenge?

Yes, I'd love that!
Not quite my thing to do a remix
I'd like the option to do a remix or a challenge.

Since I'm shooting for doing posting around May/June-ish, do you want it to be themed?

Yaye theme!
Not necessary, but a theme wouldn't bother me
Not in favour of a theme-based.

What would you like to see as a theme?

If we end up going challenge-based (either in full or in part) give us a challenge (max characters is 255. If it's longer, give ideas in comments!)

Another challenge idea? (again, max of 255 characters)

If you have other ideas or prompt ideas longer than 255 characters, feel free to post in the comments. I should, by tomorrow hopefully, have an archive listing of the four phases. And please, do pimp this around to get loverly feedback. ♥

ETA: What a remix is! *smacks self* Basically, a remix is taking a fic (or art) that was done and you get to re-write it. Just like cover artists re-do songs by the original artists and they put their own spin on it, so too is what a remix is all about. What we'd do for this is take all the fics written in the previous four fests and use those for the potential remixes. :D Hope that clears that up.

And as always -- ask questions. I don't bite -- save when asked to. ;o)
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Wave 4 Update!

At long last, here's the rest of the fics from Wave 4. A massive, massive thank you to wook77 for coding for me. I thank you all for the delay.

And now-- couple adminny things before we get onto the posting. To keep everyone safe, I'm going to be marking this community as to having adult content since I do link to some pr0ny things. But I think it'll keep you guys safe. Which, really, is why things took so long to get up. I wanted to keep all the authors and artists (and myself as well) as safe as can be with this fest. So I hope you do understand how things went and the delays.

The next round, I promise -- will be much smoother.

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Also -- Waves 1 and 2 of previous fests are back online. Wave three... has corrupted files and I need to find which ones are actually dead and which ones are okay. I'll let you know when that's back up and running.

So -- watch here. First of the year will be Wave 5 and for this wave... let's simply say that everything old is new again.
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Why the delay in updates

Yes, there is still more fic to go and yes it is coming. The reason I haven't been posting updates is because of LJ itself. I am sure many of you are aware of the large kerfuffle that has been going on since August. While I was able to continue with hp_summersmut I was more leery about this fest for one specific reason.

All my updates link to adult material on an outside website. So I have been trying to figure out how to get around this and how to safely post things, as really -- anything happens and it's my ass on the line.

So what I will do is simple -- and the idea was given to me by wook77 this weekend -- and is one of those, this was so easy why didn't I think of it first. Basically, I will be setting up a mirror on IJ and all updates will link to that community. If anyone wants to set up an RSS feed, feel free to do so.

I really wanted to see what the climate in LJ-land was like before doing anything. So that's what's going on. So if you have a journal over on IJ, feel free to join the 'celticmoonstar' community over there. Otherwise, all updates will be posted there and linked here. It's the only way I can protect myself.

I'm sorry for the delay, I really am. And thank you guys for understanding. ♥
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The First Update

Hello all. As promised -- here's the first update. I wanted to do them in chunks so there wasn't a ton of fics to read in a single day.

Now -- here is the deal. Because I was teh suck in starting the posting -- I'm going to give all of you a break. If you have claimed a challenge, you have until August 31st to submit your work. No missed deadlines this time around! So if you'd still like to submit a work -- please feel free to.

And now -- the first update!

ETA: Links are fixed! I always forget to change 'em. *sigh*

Calico Jinx
One down, four thousand and eighty-four to go. - Challenge FM 15: An explanation for why you never say "If you can drink me under the table, you can do whatever you want to with my body" before a drinking competition. It could range from minor confessions of love to anything within reason. James gives a certain Werewolf a dare he's not sure how to complete.
Rated: NC-17

Kim Gray/Jade Maxwell
Truth or Dare - Challenge FM14:Seduction. One seduces the other: how, when, where and why? and Challenge FM 15: An explanation for why you never say "If you can drink me under the table, you can do whatever you want to with my body" before a drinking competition. It could range from minor confessions of love to anything within reason. James gives a certain Werewolf a dare he's not sure how to complete.
Rated: NC-17

Tressa Cho
12 - Challenge FM12: It's their first Christmas together at Twelve Grimmauld Place, and Sirius wants to give Remus something special. (Besides himself, that is.)
Rated: NC-17

Breakfast in Bed - Challenge FM19:Breakfast in Bed
Rated: R
MexJack ;)

(no subject)

It's not amazingly good. Definately not my best, but i'm quite proud of it. :)
only took me like 30mins or something. not too long. :)

Title: No Moon Can Heal.
Author: katiilouise_x
Fandom: Harry Potter.
Pairing: Remus/Sirius.
Rating: R.
Warnings: Small amounts of sex, not graphic. And implied sex. Swearing.
Summary: Set during PoA. Sirius wants sex, Lupin is stressed.
Disclaimer: JKR's. She don't deserve em, bloody killing them all. :(
Notes: Just enjoy, leave comments pretty pretty please. :)
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*raises white flag*

You all have FULL permission to shoot me.

I've been working on the site to get ready for fics to be posted on August 1st -- fully forgetting that I had originally said August 1st.

I'm a complete and total dumbass and you all have permission to smack me upside the head. My most heartfelt apologies. Everything will be posted on the site on August 1st as I have a few last fics to edit for posting.

I am... I am so sorry and I cannot express how upset I am that I screwed up like this. :(
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Last week

If anyone has sent in challenge requests in the last week, I do have them. I'm finally sitting upright after being knocked on my ass with a sinus infection. You'll hear back from me by this weekend for sure.

Thanks for your patience!