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The Sirius/Remus Fuh-Q-Fest

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Welcome to the Community for MoonStar - The Sirius/Remus Fuh-Q-Fest. The fourth phase is about to start, so please stop by here and get to know others who have taken up the challenge.

If you have any ideas for challenges, please post them in the community, or send them to the site by using the email: celticmoonstar@gmail.com.

Thank you for joining, and can't wait to get this thing going!

Calendar of Events -- Wave 5!!
March 15th, 2008: Fifth Wave Announced

March 17th- March 30th, 2008: Claiming is open! Please note, you'll know what challenges are yours ASAP. There's no waiting here!

June 1st - June 30th, 2008: Submit your stories to the Fuh-Q-Fest. If they're done early, please make sure they're clearly marked as fic or art so I do not lose track of your work.

July 1st, 2008- (Hopefully) When all fics will be posted on the site. Though, I will be updating the site as I receive fics and art! I will be doing several updates, usually of 5-10 fics at a time so you won't become swamped with tons of stuff to read at once!

September 1st, 2008:- Any fics written for the Fuh-Q-Fest may be submitted to other web archivers.

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